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Hi, I'm Shawntay Dalon. Thank you for considering this training. This is "Get Up and Get It!" - Business Of Acting. Here, at your own pace, you will learn what have personally helped me have success in my acting career. Yes, I know that many people have many ways & ideas of how they have reached their own goals, and that's beautiful. We all have our own path. There are no guarantees. But here, are the tools, materials, wisdom that have helped me to BOOK national television shows on Netflix, Comedy Central, NBC, Hulu, and also films, stage productions, commercials, etc.

To help keep us all safe & healthy, I'm going from in person to hybrid. These pre recorded 7 week video courses cover auditions, self tapes, representation, branding, headshots, resumes, and much more, in the safety of own bedroom! With no obligation to be in front of your computer at a mandatory time.

For the WINTER 2023 course we will not do the "Let's Discuss It Sunday's" due to Shawntay Dalon's schedule conflict. Which is why pricing of the course has been lowered.

We all have our own path, I am simply sharing information as I am still a working actor. So what I am actively in the moment learning, I share! Join me! I'm looking forward to building with you. (Check out my video below )

-Shawntay Dalon


In this industry, it's all about the Homework. So yes, you will have homework once a week. For the WINTER 2023 course we will not do the "Let's Discuss It Sunday's" due to Shawntay Dalon's schedule conflict. Which is why pricing of the course has been lowered. because courses are pre recorded you are not obligated to be in front of your screen at a certain day & time. The course will be there, when you are able to view. ( .)

Watch videos at your own pace.

I walk you through step by step of different topics such as how to help your child actor, sites all actors should have a profile on, pros and cons of unions, managers & agents, and much more.

We have a some fun too!

There are a few surprise skits and homework challenges where you can win a gift grab in our courses as well. Can't wait! :)

Branding! Who are you as an actor?

Knowing what kind of actor you are and what kind of actor you want to be, lays the entire foundation of the path of your career. We must first know who we are so our artistry can be clear to our audience.

This course is closed for enrollment.

What Up Doe!

I am absolutely looking forward to Growing with you!

Hear from students!

"Shawntay Dalon held a phenomenal class today. I just left the class and when I tell you I feel like I can take on the world! We learned the fundamentals of auditioning & being well rounded as an actor. She taught her butt off!"

- Jezar Riches

All ages welcomed!

My son loved it! When my child came home he couldn't stop talking about all the things he had learned. He was excited to go back."

~ JaNay Rahaman


"These classes were a Goldmine. I've been to acting classes but this wasn't your ordinary acting class. Shawntay Dalon give you the BUSINESS and she shared so many tips about the industry on a professional level. One quote she said that resonated with me was "Knowing your strength isn't the best, knowing your weakness is!"

 ~ Turquoise Angelique Blue

I feel empowered.

"Shawntay Dalon's class "Business Of Acting " was so informative and fun. I will conquer my career hurdles like a boss this year!" 

~ Marcus Woods.

Shout Out to Shawntay for coming back to Detroit!

"Shout Out to Shawntay Dalon for inspiring me and so many others. You provided many actionable steps to enhance our credit as well as our career."

~ Lonnie Ingram I

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"Even if you think you know some of this stuff already. Take the class. I am pretty sure there's something in it that you didn't know. Take the class."

~ Velda Hunter.